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Antonio Espinal has been working in journalism since 1973 as Reporter, Editor and Columnist of various Spanish newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations.

He started as Correspondent for El Nacional, from Santo Domingo. Emigrated to the United States and worked as New York Correspondent for the same newspaper. Contributed as Investigative Reporter for El Diario La Prensa and later became Editor for Noticias del Mundo from 1980 to 1987.

On July 11, 1985, New York City Council President proclamed “Antonio Espinal Day in the City of New York.” The text reads:

Whereas: Antonio Espinal is a distinguished Hispanic Journalist who
began his career in the Dominican Republic; and he was awarded the prestigious
Shell Journalism Award in his native country in 1974 for his series on the
social-economic conditions of the peoples of Haiti and the Dominican Republic;

Whereas: He has resided in the United States since 1976 and now lives
in Queens, New York City; and

Whereas: He is currently the Metropolitan Editor of the major New York
City Spanish-Language daily , Noticias del Mundo, where he pursues his
journalistic career on behalf of our Hispanic Community; and

Whereas: He is a member of the Board of Directors of the National
Association of Hispanic Journalists where he is working to improve the media
image of Hispanics; and

Whereas: In collaboration with New York Daily News columnist Miguel
Perez, he has founded the New York Association of Hispanic Journalists which has
established the goal of unifying Hispanic journalists in the New York
metropolitan area and of increasing the number of Hispanic students attending
Journalism school; and

Whereas: Antonio Espinal has received numerous awards while working
and residing in New York, including Journalism Awards given by the National
Anti-Drug Coalition and the Puerto Rican Day Parade, as well as Community
Service Awards from the New York Hispanic Parade, New York Dominican Parade,
Greater New York Cuban Parade and the Concerned Citizens of Queens; and

Whereas: This distinguished Hispanic journalist has brought honor and
prestige to New York City, Now therefore, I, Carol Bellamy, President of the
Council of the City of New York, do hereby proclaim this eleventh day of July in
the year nineteen hundred and eighty five as:

“Antonio Espinal Day in the City of New York.”

Signed: Carol Bellamy,
President of the Council, City of New York.  July 11, 1985


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