Journalism: Journalist, Investigative Reporter and Editor of several publications in Spanish. Honored with the Special Proclamation issued by the New York City Council on July 11, 1985 “Antonio Espinal Day in the city of New York.” Certificate and medal of honor from the Hispano-American Press Congress, at Columbia University, which declared him “Dean of Dominican Journalists in the United States” on October 29, 2014. “Meritorious Son of the Municipality of Mao-Valverde”, tribute from the Mao-Valverde ‘s City Council, on the recommendation of the Mao’s History Committee, Inc. , November 25, 2015.

Internet and Computers: Specialized in Computer technologies and the World Wide Web. Website development, advice to companies, churches, associations and artists, on how to use the Internet and social networks more effectively, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Director of Communications of the International Committee of the Partido Revolucionario Moderno – Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and the presidential candidacy of Luis Abinader 2015-present. Communications Director for Wally Scott for Mayor (2015) and Eddie Morán for Mayor (2020) campaigns for Mayor of the City of Reading, Pennsylvania – both candidates won.


President, ITS Websites LLC
ITS Websites is a US company that designs and hosts Web sites and also offers streaming video and audio.

Founder and Editor of the “Nosotros”(We) Digital Magazine , which deals with the socioeconomic situation of Latin Americans in the United States and their respective countries of origin.

Editor-in-Chief, Alerta Magazine and Alerta Hoy newspaper, two Christian publications based in New York.

President, Apple Training Center, Inc., New York.
Educational institution created to train young people and adults with low economic resources, so that they learn to use computers and the Internet and adapt to the technological changes that the business world experiences today. His duties included directing and teaching how to use, repair computers, install networks, create applications, and develop Web sites.

Editor, Latin News Service, New York.
News agency for publications in Spanish.

News Director, HITN-TV, New York
Hispanic Information & Telecommunications Network, NYC. He selected content, wrote news, and assigned reporters and cameramen to cover news; supervised the news and technical staff. His duties included training and television adaptation of print and radio journalists. The beneficiaries include Liliana Marín, host of the Univision news network.

Managing Editor, La Voz Hispana
Weekly newspaper, New York. His duties included assigning reporters to cover news, edit it, write a column, and editorials.

Correspondent in New York for El Nacional and ¡Ahora! El Nacional is a newspaper and ¡Ahora! was a national weekly magazine from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Research and publication of articles about the socioeconomic conditions of Dominicans in New York City.

Editor in Chief, ¡Ahora! Magazine
Weekly national magazine, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, El Nacional
National daily newspaper, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Duties included assigning reporters to cover news, edit it, and write a column. Head of the provincial correspondents.

Regional Correspondent
Correspondent on the Northwest of the Dominican Republic for the newspapers El Nacional, El Sol, La Información and the newscasts of Radio Comercial (Santo Domingo) and Ondas del Yaque (Santiago).

Editor, Liceos Secundarios
Weekly newspaper for High School students, Mao, Dominican Republic. It circulated in the Northwest region and was used as a reference by students and teachers.

Participation in various seminars, workshops and conferences, research and readings on Journalism, Computer technology, Computer Applications; Studies on the Internet and the World Wide Web as well as development of Web Pages. Offered by IBM, Samsung, Microsoft, Novel, and Columbia University.

Computer Applications for Journalists
Queens Computer Center, Queens, New York.

English Level III, City University of New York.

Bachelor of Physical Sciences and Mathematics
Onésimo Jiménez Secondary School, Santiago, Dominican Republic.


Knowledge of IP networks, Cat5 cables and Microsoft operating systems.
Experience in configuring switches, routers, wireless and firewalls.
Design and configuration of terminals and servers in a distributed computing network environment.
Installation and configuration of semiconductor devices (for example, replace and add memory, Central Processing Unit, upgrade systems and peripherals.)
Knowledge of Windows / Linux Servers and MySQL configuration.
Experience configuring streaming media technologies (Flash Media, Windows Media, Shoutcast.)


1985 – “Antonio Espinal Day in the City of New York,” Special proclamation issued on July 11, 1985 by Carol Bellamy, President of the City Council of the City of New York, in which it indicates that “this distinguished Hispanic journalist has brought honor and prestige to New York City. ‘ It was the first time that the city offered that type of recognition to a Hispanic.

2014 – “Dean of Dominican Journalists in the United States”, recognition with Certificate and Medal from the X Hispano-American Press Congress, held at Columbia University. The recognition was presented by Amin Cruz, president of the Congress; Olivo de León, president of the Dominican College of Journalists (CDP) and Mercedes Castillo, president of the Dominican Institute for the Prevention and Protection of Journalists (October 29, 2014).

2015 – ‘Meritorious Son of the Municipality of Mao-Valverde,’ by the Mao’s City Council, on the recommendation of the Mao’s History Committee, Inc., “for his commendable contributions as a professional of national and international journalism, to the development and projection of a positive image of our community in foreign lands” (November 25, 2015).

1985 – Gold Medal with the “Cartagena de Indias Order,” presented by Mexican actor Mario Moreno (Cantinflas) “for his continuous efforts in favor of a better future for Hispanic communities in the United States.”

1985 – Outstanding Young Man of America, recognition made by the Outstanding Young Man of America Committee, Montgomery, Alabama.

1985 – Special Recognition presented by the College of Latin American Economists, The Dominican Bank of New York and the Dominican Parade and Parade of New York, “for his extraordinary contribution and services to the community.”

1985 – Journalist of the Year, recognition presented by the Great Cuban Parade in New York, “for his extraordinary contribution to our community.”

1985 – Recognition of a Hispanic Pioneer, presented by the daily newspaper Noticias del Mundo, “for his extraordinary contribution to the development, culture and progress of Hispanics in the United States.”

1984 – Dr. Ramón Emeterio Betances Journalism Award, Honoring a Caribbean, presented by the Puerto Rican Parade of New York, “for the contribution that Antonio Espinal has made in favor of the Puerto Rican community.”

1984 – Special Recognition and Honor, presented by the Great Cuban Parade in New York, “for his contribution to our Cuban community.”

1984 – Recognition for Community Service, presented by Concerned Citizens of Queens, New York, “for outstanding services to our community.”

1983 – Honorary President, Dominican Parade of New York.

1982 – Recognition for Community Service, New York Parade.

1982 – Honor to Community Volunteers. Certificate presented June 15 by Manhattan Community College, City University of New York, for training disadvantaged youth.

1982 – Quisqueya Ballet Cultural Center. Certificate presented on April 15, “for your cooperation dedicated to the development of Hispanic culture.”

1981 – Award and Recognition Ceremony held by the National Anti-Drug Coalition of the United States, based in Washington, “for the contribution made by Antonio Espinal to educate the community against the use of drugs.”

1974 – First National Prize for Journalism, diploma and $ 1,000.00, presented by Shell Company Ltd., for a series of 50 reports on the conditions of hunger and poverty among residents of the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


1980-1990 – Tic-Tac New York, Human interest column about life in New York City, published in various newspapers in the United States and Latin America.

1983 – International Correspondent on Assignment, in Paris, East Berlin, West Berlin, Bonn and London, covering the demonstrations against the installation of American missiles in European nations.

1978 – Economic and Social Situation of Latin Americans in New York City, series of investigative reports published by El Diario La Prensa.

1978 – Latino Prostitution in New York City, syndicated series published by 23 newspapers and magazines, including El Diario La Prensa.

1974 – Prostitution in Santo Domingo: History from Inside, series of 50 full-page reports published by the newspaper El Nacional. Due to these reports, the author was the victim of a criminal attempt that almost cost him his life.


Dominican College of Journalists (CDP)
National Association of Hispanic Journalists in the USA (NAHJ), Washington, DC.
Global Member, The Internet Society.
Member of the Research Panel of
Association of Internet Journalists (API)
Association of Dominican Journalists in New York.


Spanish (mother language)
English (speaking, reading and writing)

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